Ben 10's Alien Game

AR App Design

The creators of Ben 10 wanted to create an augmented reality app, where user's can transform into one of the four popular alien characters. I designed the user interface for this application. Using a snapchat like experiences, users can record fun messages with the unique facial interactions and character specific animations. Then in the second part of the app, users can battle the enemy in 360 degrees with tap gestures and play with real world or a 2D illustrated world.

3.5M App Downloads
Role: User Interface Design
Project Launch: June 2017
Software: Sketch, Illustrator
Project Duration: 4 Months

Featured on Cartoon Network

UI design included: 1) reticle (target which users need to use to direct their camera and shoot) 2) life meter 3) power activators for the four aliens, 4) radar and representation of enemies, 5) controls such as play, settings, and back. I also redesigned the omnitrix as a flat representation that was always present, and acted as the container for the UI, during the face tracking portion of the application.

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