Google's Audience Explorer

Tablet App Design

A Nexus 10 app created for Think Brand NYC. Users can navigate between two menus (what people care about vs what they are buying) to gain insights on user search interests. By understanding how and what people are searching for, advertisers can use this information to build better brand awareness.

Role: Layout Design, App UI, UX.
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop.
Hardware: Nexus 10
Project Duration: 5 weeks

The strategy is to build a beautiful app that advertisers and agencies can interact with and explore more about Google's targeting capabilities at Google live events and on partner touchscreens.

The Audience Explorer begins with a symbolic display of data in ciruclar forms: flowing, organizing, scaling, and reseting.

In the app users can gain a better insight on what is trending and what is popular in search interests. Understanding the composition of the audience whether that's gender, age, and categories of interests helps brand marketers better understand the kinds of creative content that they need to develop. In this example "30 Minute Chef" is more of an interest for men between the ages of 24-34years who search for this topic on tablet devices. The topic is more commonly searched for in places like Florida, California and Texas.

The iconography and visual design matches Material Design aesthetic. I also kept the Analytics and AdWords online representation in mind.

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