Lightbox Ads

Role: Storyboard, UI, Layout, Animation.
Project Launch: October 2014
Software: After Effects, Illustrator.
Hardware: 60" LCD
Project Duration: 2 Months

With Lightbox, brands like Sony and Audi can use their existing creative assets to make engaging ads that display on any computer and mobile device. It demonstrates how seamless it is to build ads with just a few images, maps, and/or videos. This animation was used to showcase the capabilities of Lightbox on-stage at Google ThinkBrand 2014.

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Audience Explorer App

Role: Layout Design, App UI, UX.
Software: Illustrator, Photoshop.
Hardware: Nexus 10
Project Duration: 5 weeks

A Nexus 10 app created for Think Brand NYC. Users can navigate between two menus (what people care about vs what they are buying) to gain insights on user search interests. By understanding how and what people are searching for, advertisers can use this information to build better brand awareness.

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