Google's Lightbox Ads

Motion Graphic Design

With Lightbox, brands like Sony and Audi can use their existing creative assets (from Youtube, Maps, G+ etc.) to make engaging media ads that run campaigns across the globe on any device or screen size. The goal is to have brand marrketers spend less time on the technical complexity of creating a seemless ad and more time on telling a compelling brand story.

Role: User Interface Design, Animation.
Project Launch: October 2014
Software: Illustrator, After Effects.
Hardware: 60" LCD
Project Duration: 2 Months

Featured on Google Blog

With Lightbox ads, brand marketers can reach, captivate, and delight potential customers. When a user clicks, taps, or hovers (depending on the type of device) over one of these IAB standard sized ads, they expand to fill the different size screens, display videos, and allow people to tap through a set of images. These ads are designed to reduce accidental engagement, like a tap only activation on mobile, which allows for a better user experience.

The goal of the motion design is to demonstrate how seamless it is to build ads with just a few branded images, maps, and/or video assets.

Marketers can use online resources they already have like videos, maps, or catalogs or a combination of all of the above. It's easy for users to choose the type of template they want to tell a story with.

This animation was used to showcase the capabilities of Lightbox on-stage at Google ThinkBrand 2014.

It was also displayed as a looping content to showcase what Google is working on.

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