Navy's Riverine Experience

VR and 3D Animation

The Navy wanted to highlight that they are sleek, smart, technically advanced, and ready to take on any challenge with an immersive VR experience. I designed 3D assets and art directed this VR app where guests get to drive a SWCC boat (with a wheel, throttle, and a subpac to simulate gameplay) and help with the extraction of the SEAL team members.

Role: Art Direction, UI Design, 3D
Project Launch: September 2016
Software: Illustrator, Cinema 4D
Hardware: Oculus Rift & Portrait Screen
Project Duration: 2 Months

VR Design

These are the game play introduction and thank you screens designs. The client wanted to bring the digi-camo pattern to life by creating dimension with light and layering. I also designed the dock marker to be large cylinder that has four rings that move vertically and draw the SWCC team's attention from afar. But once the boat gets closer to the right spot, the cylinder collapses into the water so that there is no obstruction to the sight.

3D Design and Animation

I designed, animated, provided the art direction for a personalized touch screen application that briefed guests on their VR mission. In this application the voice of a commanding officer (male or female depending on the user's gender) informs the guest with the mission and objectives as they view the 3D animation of a briefing room in preparation of the VR recruitment experience.

Details of a special operations craft riverine diagram with a photo of the boat in action. The assets are first designed in illustrator and then rendered in Cinema 4D for the full animation.

Details of a 0.50 caliber diagram and a zoomed out view of the briefing table.

Details of the mission briefing statement and a map asset that indicates where the SWCC team must drive to extract the SEAL team.

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