Google Cloud's Interactive Sculpture

Tablet App Design

Designed the user interface for a Nexus 10 tablet application that controls the lighting (colors and patterns) of an LED sculpture for the Google Global Partner Summit 2014. The goal is to help Google partners visualize what the Cloud platform could do for their businesses and customers in a fun, collaborative, and informative manner.

Role: User Interface, Animation.
Project Launch: March 2014
Software: After Effects, Illustrator.
Hardware: Nexus 10
Project Duration: 3-4 Weeks

The physical cloud, hanging from the ceiling of the Festival Pavilion in Fort Mason, is created from 3,000 lights made up of physical LED, metal, and propulene ball scultpures. Users drew on the grid interface that represented 1/4 of the lights on the physical cloud. They can choose colors and shapes to paint creations that would appear as colorful representations through the lights on the LED sculpture.

When the artwork was complete, users could "Submit" or upload their session to the Google Cloud Platform servers which stored this data. When the tablet wasn't being used (idle mode) the servers randomly feth user's sessions and play it back on the sculpture so it was always active and engaging.

In this looping animation, users can see how the app not only sends their interactions as data to the lightbulbs, but also uploads and saves this data to the Cloud Platform.

The Cloud Platform then delivers this information to local servers that presents it in the form data visualization. Stats like number of users, average session duration, total time played, colors used were pushed from each session data added to the visualization application.

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